Masterpieces Redux

Ceci n'est pas!

Girl With a Pearl Earring Redux

The Starry Night Redux

Mona Lisa Redux

The Last Supper Redux

The Persistence of Memory Redux

The Creation of Adam Redux

The Night Watch Redux

Guernica Redux

The Scream Redux

Water Lilies Redux


My series of Masterpieces Redux originates in the raw data of a picture source that is distorted via non-photographic applications designed to edit files of another format.
The ensuing digital rendering is a mystifying re-interpretation of the visual imprinted in one’s memory, a synthesis of Neo-Pop and Glitch Art referred to as Digi-Pop.
The antique frames are courtesy of “Diego Salazar Antique Frames”, Long Island City, NY, USA and are not included with the artwork.


All digital renderings are printed according to your choice of a gallery quality art paper or dye sublimated aluminum