Sensual - digital

He Kiss She #6

Skin to Skin #1

He Kiss She #3

She Kiss She #4

Skin to Skin #3

She Kiss She #1

He Kiss He #2

Skin to Skin #2

He Kiss He #6

He Kiss He #5

Ecstasy #1


My series of Sensual originates in the raw data of a picture source that is distorted via non-photographic applications designed to edit files of another format.
The ensuing digital rendering is a mystifying re-interpretation of the visual imprinted in one’s memory, a synthesis of Neo-Pop and Glitch Art referred to as Digi-Pop.


Chromogenic metallic print mounted on cradled wood panels and coated with polyepoxide resin. Sizes: 10x10, 20x20 and 24x24 inches