Icons - Americana - digital

Flag #3

Burger #7

Liberty #1

Pizza #3

Mac & Cheese #2

Nice Day

Mac & Cheese #1

Dollar #4

Mickey #3

Mickey #1

Donald Duck #6

Goofy #2

Donald Duck #8

Barbie #6

Wonder Woman #3

Dart Vader #1

Alice #3


My series of iconic imagery originates in the raw data of a picture source that is manipulated and distorted via non-photographic applications designed to edit files of another format.
The ensuing digital rendering is a blend of humorous cultural inspiration and commentary filtered through the alchemy of algorithms. This mystifying re-interpretation of the visual imprinted in one’s memory has been referred to as Digi-Pop, a synthesis of Neo-Pop and Glitch Art.

All digital renderings are printed according to your choice on a gallery quality art paper or on a dye sublimated aluminum.


Chromogenic metallic print mounted on cradled wood panels and coated with polyepoxide resin


Various: from 10x10 inches to 24x24 inches