crash - photography

Mini Cooper 2009

Ford Suburban 1998

Ford Crown Victoria 2005

Chrysler 300 2009

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000

Ford Crown Victoria 2002


Toyota Corolla 2006

Ford Mustang 2005

Lincoln Town Car 2007

Toyota Passport 2001

Mercury Montegro 1988

Toyota Tundra 2009

Cadillac STS 2009

Lincoln Continental 2003

Lincoln Town Car 2006

Toyota Rava 2010

Mazda3 2007

Subaru Forrester 2012

Jaguar XK 2012

Space womb Gallery – Crash video loop installation


The aftermath of a violent car accident captures the up-close remnants of the subject as it dissolves into an abstraction of color, line, and picture plane. Closer inspection gives pause. Initially, the transformation of the subject can be so complete that one gets lost in the sheer visual wonder before the snap of recognition of an act of violence and its underlying horror.


All digital renderings are printed according to your choice of a chromogenic metallic paper or dye sublimated aluminum.